When it all started

1978 - the earliest mention we found about dairy activity in our village. At that time, the enterprise had only a separator point, where milk was received, cooled and sent for further processing in larger town. 1995 - Anatoly Ivanovich Hrysyuk was appointed as a manager. The first production we started was butter and casein. 2001 - Fresh dairy production launch 2009 - Semi hard cheese production started. 2022 - Bottling line

  • 700

    more than people are currently working in our company

  • 250

    tons of milk are processed daily (on average)

  • 60%

    of our sales are local, in Western part of Ukraine

  • 70%

    our customers are provided with products by our own logistics department

How we work

We produce tasty and high-quality dairy products mainly for family consumption. We use natural ingredients (starters, fruit fillers, etc.) and fresh raw milk, which we deliver to production every day from nearby farms. We try to preserve all the benefits and natural value of milk, because we care about a consumer’s health!

We aim to strengthen our position on markets by increasing sales, expanding the range, improving production efficiency.
  • Our goal Build great relationships with our customers and partners.
  • Our mission to make you happy by providing healthy and delicious food

Where we work

Our production facility is located in the heart of western Ukraine in the small village of Krupets. We collect and sell milk only in the west of Ukraine, so we quickly deliver both raw milk and finished products to stores.