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premium dairy products

We are a family owned company

We believe that natural products should not travel thousands of kilometers to the consumer, that is why we work only in the west of Ukraine, preserve traditions and do not seek to conquer the capital and be everywhere. We want to be near, among those people who know, respect and love us.

more interesting things about us
  • Within just one day, we collect and process milk, as well as deliver finished dairy products to stores
  • Our products have a short shelf life, because only the pasteurization stage takes place, during which all the vitamins are preserved
  • Our products have a natural milk taste thanks to the use of natural ingredients, without flavorings and flavor enhancers
  • Thanks to economical packaging and well-thought-out logistics, our products can be purchased at an affordable price
  • We care about our reputation and are responsible for the quality of manufactured dairy products, because we are a regional producer

Our trademarks

Our products have a natural milk taste thanks to the use of only fresh raw materials and natural ingredients

Exclusive sales partners

Turkey BARIŞTIRAN BAHARAT VE KİMYEVİ MADDELER TİC. A.Ş. https://www.baristiranas.com/
Morocco LACTOGROUP https://www.lactogroup.com/

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    LLC "Radyvylivmoloko" 35541, Ukraine, Rivne region, Dubno district, village Krupets
    +38 (0362) 401 001